Down Town Frankfort
10:00am - 6:00pm
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The Festival Information
Each year over Labor Day weekend, over 250,000 visitors flock to the
charming Village of Frankfort to enjoy the Frankfort Fall Festival.  With
over 300 (from 30 different states) participating artisans and unlimited
entertainment and food options the festival continues to thrive and grow.  
The Festival has received continued recognition for the “Best Shows in
the United States” by Sunshine Artist Magazine.  

Throughout Fall Festival weekend you won’t want to miss the special
events sponsored by many of our local civic and community organizations.
This includes an Entertainment Tent with dance area, a Food Court
offering a wide assortment of refreshments, live stage entertainment and
a community parade on Sunday afternoon.  

But most of all, the annual fall fest provides a chance for visitors to enjoy
one of the regions most charming and distinctive communities.  Wander
our streets, parks and businesses.  Enjoy the warm hospitality that our
community extends to each and every guest that visits our Village.