Top Ways To Use Aged Balsamic Vinegar

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In the gastronomic world, there’re always continually changing trends in flavors & styles. As the openness of public to new & unique flavors widens, so do the dishes & chefs who produce them as well. However, regardless of all the changes, some things always stay the same. The use of top-quality ingredients for example! Here are a few new ways to make use of aged balsamic vinegar.

In cocktails:

Aged balsamic vinegar can be used in different ways. One of which will please almost everybody – in an appetizing cocktail. With its sweet flavors, it can be blended with soda water to produce the base for some pretty sophisticated & flavored cocktails. Paired with a strong whisky, the blend can produce a pretty unique flavor palette for new & classic cocktails alike. Try this out in your next bourbon or rye whiskey based beverage.

As a marinade:

Making your own marinade doesn’t have to be an annoyance anymore. Commence with appetizing aged balsamic vinegar & you can create your own personal family recipe marinade in no time whatsoever. Simply using sumptuous mustard & a quality balsamic can offer you a great jumping off point. Blend in some pepper, onions, shallots, and spices and you may have the next secret recipe on your hands. Use it to marinate tofu, red meat and portabella mushrooms.

As a broth:

Scatter some in your next dish that needs a broth & you’ll see the sophistication it infuses. A deep & fascinating sweetness can be incorporated to braised dishes like spare ribs, baked chicken, brisket, and even pork-belly. Pepper a reduction on the salad & you’ve the perfect side as well.


Look to add a quality aged vinegar as the base for your typical soup recipe. You’ll discover that a good product will infuse a solid tang that’ll bring out the sweetness in the veggies and yet boost the salty spicy flavor regardless of whatever dish you’re preparing. In place of using only bullion, substitute with balsamic or throw in raw vegetables marinated earlier. There’re so many ways you can life your flavor profile to the next level.

Create a reduction:

This works perfectly with top-quality aged product. Put some in a sauce pan & blend with sugar and even some cinnamon. Reduce it down into a sweet & sophisticated flavored syrup that can be employed to sweeten dessert or to add sauces to different spicy dishes alike.

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