Understanding Better about Extra Virgin Infused Olive Oil

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Most supermarket shelves are filled with many olive oil brands. Well, there’s an endless confusion between pure olive oil, extra virgin infused oil, light olive oil, and so many other types. To simplify this confusion, it’s very good to understand that extra virgin oil is the first round of oil pressed out of olives.

It has the best flavor and amazing health benefits as compared to other subsequent oil extractions. This is the reason why infused olive oil is also the most expensive type of olive oil. A good extra virgin olive oil brand will be dark golden in color, have a lovely grassy fragrance and will be available in a tinted glass bottle.

This type of oil is unrefined and restores the flavor of olives. It has the least free oleic acid content – which is less than 1%. Here are a few benefits of using extra virgin infused olive oil:

Improved Flavor – There’s something about the rich color and flavor of extra virgin olive oil, that none of the other olive oils come close, especially while eating it raw in salads. Even, it adds a great boost of freshness and flavor, only to be improved by other ingredients you add to it.

Cardiovascular Health – A specific component in EVOO is hydroxytyrosol. It prevents oxidation in the alignment of the blood vessels while protecting cardiovascular well-being.

Less Blood Pressure – The larger proportion of monounsaturated fats in olive oil minimizes bad cholesterol and it’s said to minimize blood pressure.

High Concentration of Antioxidants – Infused extra virgin oil has a higher dose of antioxidants like phytonutrients than non-virgin olive oils. It has more potent anti-inflammatory properties.

A Great Source of Vitamin E – The infused extra virgin olive oil is a great source of Vitamin E that is a potent antioxidant.

How do you store infused extra virgin olive oil?

  • Infused extra virgin olive oil is light and heat sensitive. This is why good quality infused olive oil is sold in tinted glass bottles.
  • Over time, the level of healthy antioxidants starts deteriorating. So, buy smaller bottles and use them within 3-4 months.
  • This type of olive oil tends to go rancid. So it requires being stored in a cool dry place away from light in order to preserve its unique flavor.
  • Pour a small quantity in a bottle for daily use and store the remaining in the fridge. This way, you may prolong the life of olive oil as the bigger bottle should not be opened repeatedly and exposed to air.
  • It becomes a bit cloudy in the fridge but will get back to the normal state upon reaching room temperature.

Final Thought –

The extra virgin infused olive oil is heat sensitive. If you really want to get the complete range of nutrients, it’s better to have in raw form. For the optimal health benefits, consider buying your favorite infused olive oil from Sonoma Farm. We have the best selection of infused oil varieties including different flavors to choose from.

Please make a purchase of our infused olive oil at https://www.sonomafarm.com/ and enjoy the benefits of olives at your own convenience!

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