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Lemon Olive Oil on Apple and Cucumber Salad Recipe

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Apple Salad

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Lemon Olive Oil on Apple and Cucumber Salad Recipe 
-2 apples - remove seeds and cubed into medium size pieces
-1 cucumber - remove seeds and cubes into medium size pieces
-1/4 head lettuce leaves- shredded into pieces
-5 teaspoons dried black currants
-3 tbsp Sonoma Farm Lemon Olive Oil
-1 tsp brown sugar
-salt to taste
Step 1: Soak the cubed apples, cucumber and lettuce leaves in a bowl with ice cubes for about 10 mins for a crunchy effect. 
Drain to remove excess water.
Into a mixing bowl, add the lemon oil, sugar and salt.
Whisk for a couple of minutes and add the drained ingredients inside.
Toss to combine all and its done.