Balsamic Vinegar By Gallon

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Premium Balsamic Vinegar In Bulk

From Modena, Italy, our Balsamic Vinegar is made by slowly simmering Trebbiano Grapes in copper cauldrons, then combining the reduction with older balsamic vinegar to help speed acidification. The blend is transferred to wooden barrels, which imbue the aged vinegar with rich aroma, flavor,  low acidity 3%, and color.

Perfect For Food Service and High Volume Kitchens 

Our Balsamic Vinegar  is available in 1 Gallon ($59.99) and 5 Gallon ($259.99) Sizes and are perfect for high volume kitchens that need quality Balsamic Vinegar at a great price!

Traditionally Barrel Aged 

Our award winning balsamic is hand crafted from the pure wine must of white Trebbiano grapes and aged to perfection in a series of oak, cherry, and walnut barrels.

This is a certified product of Modena, Italy.

The vinegar is dark and rich, elegantly sweet and smooth to the palate with a rich aroma and thickness characteristic of a true balsamico.


Samples Available 

Interested in trying our Balsamic Vinegar before making a big purchase? We have 1.5 oz samples available so you can see for yourself why restaurants and chefs across the country use Sonoma Farm Olive Oil in their kitchens.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We treat all of our customers like family, so if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your single origin olive oil, simply contact us at any time to solve this problem.

100% Balsamic Vinegar 

This is a 100% Balsamic Vinegar with no added caramels, flavors, or preservatives.

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11 reviews for Balsamic Vinegar By Gallon

  1. Joe

    The best

  2. Stephen

    Tasty and just the right thickness.

  3. Jamie

    Hands down this is simply the best balsamic vinegar I have ever had. I absolutely love it! I

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