Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena

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Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena, Italy 

From Modena, Italy, our Balsamic Vinegar is made by slowly simmering Trebbiano Grapes in copper cauldrons, then combining the reduction with older balsamic vinegar to help speed acidification. The blend is transferred to wooden barrels, which imbue the aged vinegar with rich aroma, flavor,  low acidity 3%, and color.

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Traditionally Barrel Aged 

Our award winning balsamic is hand crafted from the pure wine must of white Trebbiano grapes and aged to perfection in a series of wooden barrels.

This is a certified product of Modena, Italy.

The vinegar is dark and rich, elegantly sweet and smooth to the palate with a rich aroma and thickness characteristic of a true balsamico.

Perfect for marinades, salad dressing, finishing sauces, and so much more. Drizzle over prosciutto-wrapped cantaloupe or a wedge of Parmesan for an unforgettable party platter. Or try adding just a touch to fresh fruit or ice cream for a decadent, unexpected dessert.

This is a 100% Balsamic Vinegar with no added caramels, flavors, or preservatives.

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20 reviews for Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena

  1. LovinLife

    This balsamic vinegar is authentic! I Have visited the Giuseppe Giusti Acetai in Modena, Italy and have purchased aged vinegar from there, so I know this is authentic. This is aged about 12 years and is delicious!!! I use it on salad, cheese and have tried it on vanilla gelato too (learned this while visiting Acetai in Modena) and it tastes fantastic! I will buy again for sure! Thank you for bringing one of the best of Italia for us!

  2. Barbara

    I’ve tried all kinds of balsamic vinegar, and this is definitely my favorite. Authentic, slightly thicker than most I’ve tried, and it has an absolutely delicious flavor. Adheres beautifully to anything you dress, fantastic in finishing grilled meats. Highly recommended.

  3. Patrick

    I ordered this product because the reviews were great. When I received it, it was 4 days late and the product was extremely hot. When I tasted it it had a bitter aftertaste. I emailed the company and they were extremely helpful. They replaced the product and I have to say it was sooooo delicious! I will continue to order from this company. They have a wonderful product and most importantly they stand behind it.

  4. Heidi

    I have used many Balsamics for everything from meats to vegetables, and obviously my favorite Caprese salad. Although this one is a moderately high cost version, it is delightful. Extremely good flavor and consistency is perfect. I am enjoying it immensely, great on grilled vegetables. Would not hesitate to reorder in the future. Thank you so much for the bonus, going to try on some grilled peaches soon. Keep up the great tradition!

  5. Valerie

    There is no better Balsamic at this price

  6. Elie

    The flavor of this balsamic vinegar is one of the best I’ve tasted. The price is high for the small bottle. Love the subscription and order regularly. Would love to see a larger bottle at a reasonable price. I use this daily in salads and make my own dressings. I will continue to look for one that tastes as good as this but less money.

  7. James

    After trying to go vegetarian for a bit we decided to spend a bit more money on better balsamic. I’ve bought several brands and will never go back to simple store bought. This one has a sweeter taste (fig) than others, but the thickness and flavor is on par with other expensive balsamic I have ordered. Smoother than others and less of the at vinegar ZING because of the sweetness.

  8. Dale

    STOP! There is NO comparison to this! Unlike the thin, less flavorful vinegar you may be used to, this flavor explodes in your mouth. A little goes a long way.

  9. Carl

    I love high quality balsamic vinegar and tried this because my previous brand was sold out. This tasted better than what I expected for the price. It came well (but not excessively!) packaged and protected and I will definitely buy again!

  10. Sean

    This is a good substitute for my favorite brand. I like the bottle insert for pouring. I would call it my favorite but I fear that part of the price is for the beautiful box. My other brand is five dollars less, and taste is comparable.

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