Bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Premium Bulk Olive Oil

Sonoma Farm extra virgin cold pressed olive oil is a delicate blend of California first cold pressed olives. We get our olives from a small family owned farm in California. Our EVOO is a special blend of Arbequina and Arbosana olives that are pressed within hours of picking. The oil has a light fruity flavor.  Our olive oils are used by some of the best chefs.

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No Artificial Flavors, No Additives, No Pesticides

We pride ourselves in the superior quality of our gourmet products and guarantee only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients are used.

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11 reviews for Bulk Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. Ed

    This is excellent EVOO. I have eaten it for a couple of years. It has great flavor. It is also actually EVOO. Over the winter, I leave the big bottle in the basement where temps drop to 40. It clouds up and solidifies as true EVOO should. In the spring or at room temperature, it returns to normal. As many readers may know, most of the so-called Italian EVOOs are actually mixes of olive and cheaper oils.

  2. Joseph

    I’ve purchased a few bottles of this. It is a great daily olive oil for pan frying and cooking. I poor half a litre into a bottle at time for quick usage and put the rest in the fridge. It lasts for at least 6 months this way.

  3. Jamie

    This has a pretty forward floral/fruity taste, much like we had on a vacation to an olive orchard in Italy. I use it for all of my cooking that calls for olive oil. Less expensive to buy this giant bottle and decant into my smaller 500ml bottle for general use than to buy the smaller bottle from the grocery store. Overall a good value for a great oil.

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