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Bulk Giardiniera

Giardiniera Hot (Chicago Style) 1 Gallon Bulk 3,785g/128oz – Food Service-


This bulk 1 gallon giardiniera is great for food service, wholesale, Restaurants, in its easy to use plastic jug. Used daily in Italian beef and hot dog stands though out the Chicago land area.

Sonoma Farm giardiniera follows the same recipe that Chicago Italians have been making for 100 years. Giardiniera is unique to Chicago were it is made with soybean oil vs. a vinegar base. Giardiniera is used as a condiment. Our giardiniera is made from all natural savory blends of hot peppers, cauliflower, celery, carrots and olives packed in oil. We source all of your produce from local farmers.

This is a Chicago favorite for topping Italian beef sandwiches, sausage, pasta, Italian sub sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, pizza, eggs, meatloaf, omelets, etc.


Kosher, no trans-fat, gluten free, made in a plant that is peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free, made in the USA, Union Made

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48 reviews for Giardiniera | Chicago Style | Hot | Food Service | Bulk Sizes

  1. Pamela

    We first tried the Hot Giardiniera at my Sister in Laws house last week. Oh my we fell in love with the taste of these peppers. I can’t explain the taste but it is amazing. Hot and a little tangy just the right blend of everything. I purchased the big 128oz container and we are in heaven.

  2. Sammy

    This was huge and great! We (husband wife) got this and ate about 1/2 the container in a couple weeks. Then…. the bottom half was a little harder to finish up. lol. We thought it was good for our need for a good Chicago Giardiniera binge.

  3. Bruno

    I first tried this product at an international food show in miami. Now, I am addicted to it. I put it in omelets, on sandwiches, in tuna fish. It adds a little flavor and zing. My friends love it, too. They take small jars of it when they visit

  4. Charles

    Excellent giardiniera, can’t believe how difficult it is to find this stuff outside of Chicago-land, so now we always order it. I have my other preferred brand and had not tried this one prior, but dollar per serving this was the best offering by far so thought we’d give it a shot, and was not disappointed, would be happy to order again!

  5. Peter

    OMG! Delicious on Pizza, sandwiches and anything else that requires a little spice! This 128 oz size has the most value!

  6. Jake

    It’s a little salty and too sourly, every piece is crunchy. The hot pepper is great not too hot and considerable mild. I think the whole experience is okay

  7. Erik

    This Giardiniera is just as good as I get when I go to Chicago. Just enough “heat” and the mixture of vegetables and peppers are right on. I will be buying this again because I put this stuff in almost everything I eat.

  8. Ruth

    True giardiniera at a decent price.

  9. Stain

    This is the real Giardiniera. Excellent Quality, excellent flavor, great price. I will buy again.

  10. Frank

    excellent product

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