.Grape Seed Oil Expeller Pressed 500ml/16.9oz

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Delicate Nutty Flavor

Grape Seed Oil Expeller Pressed 500ml/16.9oz

Sonoma Farm’s grape seed oil  is made from grape seeds  natural byproduct of the wine making process. Hand roasted in cast iron kettles before being expeller pressed without the use of chemicals, then lightly filtered and bottled. In addition to important ecological contributions, Grape seed Oil is the ultimate everyday cooking and condiment oil. In fact, premier European chefs have been using it for centuries because of several unique quantities. Its light taste brings out the flavor of food, while its high smoke point (485 degrees/F) lets you fry, bake or saute without smoking, splattering or burning. Its delicate, nutty flavor makes delicious light salad dressings and an ideal substitute for butter, margarine, and other saturated fats. In fact, Grape seed Oil offers one of the highest concentrations of heart healthy mono and poly-unsaturated fats of any vegetable oil, and one of the lowest levels of saturated fat of ANY oil. And Grape seed Oil is an excellent source of Vitamin E, an important antioxidant, and is 75% Essential Linoleic Acid, also known as Omega 6.

Uses: fish, salads, sautéing

All natural, no trans fat, gluten free, no GMO’s,  Made in a plant that is peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free

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24 reviews for .Grape Seed Oil Expeller Pressed 500ml/16.9oz

  1. Jack (store manager)

    I have been using this brand of grape seed oil for a couple years. I love the quality

  2. Nancy (store manager)

    Perfect for high heat cooking. Really good quality oil. Taste is great. perfect neutral oil. Also really great for baking.

  3. Matthew (store manager)

    I love grape seed oil. I use it for all cooking and even for health mixtures. It has such a high flash point that we use it for popping corn.

  4. Robin (store manager)

    I recently purchased this product and it is really smooth for salad and I like the fact that I can use it to saute vegetable in a healthy fat.

  5. Gaius (store manager)

    I am on my second bottle and I really like this oil for cooking everything. Great for my more healthy life style I have started.

  6. katie (store manager)

    Cooks well without a strong aftertaste. It’s light enough it does not change the flavor of your food.

  7. Neil (store manager)

    I have been using grapeseed oil for frying and as an alternative to olive oil. Once you try it, you love it.

  8. Ivan (store manager)

    I love baking with this oil. I substitute it for anything that calls for vegetable oil.

  9. steve (store manager)

    Light taste; easy to cook with. Not overly oily.

  10. bess (store manager)

    I’ve used this for several years as an alternate to olive oil. Has a higher heat content.

  11. katie (store manager)

    So delighted with the grapeseed oil. Perfect for so many applications and my family loves it too.

  12. melissa (store manager)

    Love baking with grape seed oil and almond flour; healthy gluten free eating.

  13. Charles (store manager)

    I’m pleased with my Grapeseed oil. It turned out to be just as I had hoped. I use it for my hair and loving it.

  14. Ed (store manager)

    I love this oil in cooking and smoothies so there’s no taste, but all the healthy fats our family needs

  15. zach (store manager)

    I use this Grapeseed oil for multiple purposes… Cookkng as well as hair and skin treatments…love it!

  16. elot (store manager)

    Glad I made the switch to this oil such a better cooking quality than coconut oil. Good for high temps

  17. sheryl (store manager)

    I really like this oil. It is nice and light with good flavor. Plan to try as moisturizer too.

  18. love cooking girl (store manager)

    Great to cook at high temperatures.

  19. Pam (store manager)

    I love grapeseed oil for high heat cooking.

  20. #health (store manager)

    Very nice, healthful oil. Great consistency, very fresh.

  21. sunny (store manager)

    This is a staple in my kitchen since going gluten free.

  22. Mary M (store manager)

    I use this everyday in cooking.!

  23. Jackie (store manager)

    I using this daily

  24. Kim

    I heard about the benefits of grapeseed oil but I wasn’t sure how it would affect the taste of the foods I enjoy. (I typically use non-GMO canola oil for all my cooking needs.) I prepared fried plantains with my Pompeian 100% grapeseed oil. The first thing I noticed was that unlike canola oil, the plantains hardly absorbed any oil. I placed them on a paper towel after frying, and there was hardly any oil on the paper towel. When I tasted them, I found that the true taste of the plantains came through. I also used my grapeseed oil to prepare scrambled eggs. It takes very little oil to make great tasting eggs, and it compliments the taste of the eggs. I appreciate that Pompeian made a grapeseed oil that is non-GMO verified. I am impressed by the quality of this oil and the way it brings out the the true taste of my food.

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