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Muffuletta Mild (Sicilian Olive Salad) 16oz

(47 customer reviews)


Signature Sicilian Olive Salad

Muffuletta Mild (Sicilian Olive Salad) 16oz

Sonoma Farm’s signature muffuletta (mild Sicilian olive salad) consists of black olives and green olives that are cut by hand along with the celery, cauliflower and carrot, seasoned with oregano and garlic, covered in oil. The muffuletta is made in small batches.

The muffuletta sandwich was born in 1906 at the legendary Central Grocery in New Orleans, where founder Salvatore Lupo created the giant stuffed sandwich for fellow Sicilians who worked at the nearby wharves and French market. Named for the round seeded loaf of Sicilian bread that provides its foundation, the classic muffuletta is filled with salumi (cured meats), cheeses and olive salad.

Use on sandwiches, pasta, fish, as an appetizer, a dip mix it with cream cheese, hamburgers.

No trans fat, gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free

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47 reviews for Muffuletta Mild (Sicilian Olive Salad) 16oz

  1. Frank

    I love Sonoma Farm Muffuletta on sandwiches, salads, and many main dishes. It’s so full of flavor and adds just the right touch to a dish.

  2. Larry

    Great product at any price

  3. Jonny B

    Another Central grocery…excellent products!

  4. Jimmy

    Wow! This is some really good stuff! My wife and I eat this on our salads everyday at home. This is by far the best deal that I’ve found anywhere for olive salad. Oh yeah and of course, it’s also great for sandwiches.

  5. Liz

    My husband puts this stuff on everything– eggs, salmon, salads. He loves it and finished this jar within about 3 weeks. Time to re-order!!

  6. Ken

    This olive salad mix makes the BEST New Orleans style Muffuletta sandwiches. It’s a perfect blend of various olives, with just the right amount of salt and sour. Love it.

  7. Karen

    My husband loves this stuff puts it on every sandwich he makes. I’m happy to be able to order it for him on here because I can’t find it at the stores hardly ever. We will be ordering again and again

  8. hank

    The right combination of ingredients and flavorings. A delicious addition to my muffuletta style sandwich. Also very good alone.

  9. Wes

    Great taste and great in salads and scrambled eggs

  10. Ted

    This the best. Nice addition to practically any dish.

  11. Kevin

    good stuff——-add on to sandwiches, salads (macaroni, potato, green) hot dishes (spaghetti, casseroles, etc.)

  12. Natalie

    Husband’s favorite

  13. jon

    We use this at least twice a week in our scrambled eggs. The product itself provides the oil needed. We saute this with some onions and then add the eggs. It is absolutely wonderful.

  14. Diane

    Pricey, but tasty! We drain 3/4 cup of mix and pat the mix dry of the oil, then add it to softened cream cheese with crackers. So de-lish!

  15. ashley

    This mix is a staple in my house. Just made Tuna Salad Sandwich with it. The other night, I added to my pizza just before the cheese and pepperoni. I add it to my deli sandwiches and oh, it’s great for Mufalettas too!

  16. Amy

    Tried another brand and was disappointed. THIS stuff is AWESOME! Yummy and with a lot of uses. Reordered more. Happy Holidays 🙂

  17. robert

    This stuff is excellent!! put it on everything!! Great on baked fish!

  18. Gene

    A little oilier than I’ve had, good flavor and nice texture for sandwiches, pizza, pasta or a dip/spread. Pretty much what you’ll find in Nawlins.

  19. Vito

    This stuff is amazing! I love it on a sandwich or crackers but could definitely get creative and the options are endless. Must order more!

  20. Jack S

    Haven’t found anything as good as this, and I’m an olive afficionado. It’s a huge jar and it’s gone so quickly at our house.

  21. Louis

    Good stuff! Tastes like your in New Orleans batting a mufaletta! Really good added to hummus.

  22. Morgan

    This stuff is so good! Use in crackers, sammies, burgers. Smooth transaction, delicious product.

  23. Clark

    This olive spread us more than good in any sandwich. I will not eat one without this olive spread.

  24. Carl

    This is delicious in a ritz cracker on top of cream cheese 💚

  25. Paul

    So delicious. Great on sandwiches or as a fish marinade..

  26. Dan

    This is delicious, can’t stop eating it. All my friends love it too.

  27. Pete

    What can I say, once you’ve visited New Orleans you have a hankering for muffulettas and with this we make it at home and is delicious. Will be buying again.

  28. Chazz

    Delicious. Makes a very good sandwich on a big hamburger bun.

  29. Edward

    Yummy…served it for our Father’s Day cookout and it was a real hit!

  30. Kirk

    my refrigerator won’t be without it!

  31. Steve

    This is sooooo good. I love it on salad, no need for any other dressing.

  32. Eric

    Delicious I can eat it by it self will order again.

  33. Rosanna

    This is pricey, but delicious.

  34. Roth

    good product.

  35. sam

    Great favors that can go with most foods that need help.

  36. bruce

    Sooooo Good!!!

  37. Tawny

    One of the best muffuletta spreads I have ever found outside of New Orleans! So incredibly good, it goes super fast in my household.

  38. wese

    Love this stuff. Unable to find locally.

  39. Chris

    Great product to help me relive a past New Orleans trip.

  40. William

    This stuff is AWESOME. You should try it!

  41. Oscar


  42. Blake

    Delicious for sandwiches!

  43. Abbie

    LOVE this stuff – on lots of things!

  44. James

    A delicious olive salad.

  45. Josiah

    Like the flavor, used with meats and on sandwiches

  46. Nicholas

    A little different than my regular brand but still great on any Italian sub or sandwich!

  47. Kamal

    Just as good as my memory of Muffaletta sauce in New Orleans over 20 years ago

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