5 Ways to Use Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The health and nutritional benefits of olive oil make it an extremely appealing ingredient to use for cooking. Filled with amino acids, polyphenols, healthy and monounsaturated fats, olive oil can be a key factor to create a balanced diet and add depth and flavor to dishes.


Extra virgin oils are the prime ingredients in cuisines due to their nutritional properties and versatility. They are capable of brightening any recipe. In the gourmet industry, extra virgin oil is a popular product with many options to choose from.


However, the least known varieties are the infused extra virgin olive oils. Of course, they are the great ingredients for your recipes. Consider buying the bulk infused extra olive oils if you really want to give a new character to your culinary delights. Here are some of the best uses of infused extra olive oils discussed below:

  1. Fruit Salad

For a unique salad, combine infused extra virgin oil with balsamic vinegar or fruity flavor like raspberry. You won’t regret at the end!

  1. Herbed Rice

Cook and fluff up rice and toss with lots of finely chopped herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Make a quick and simple dish with sauteed vegetables or any other main course dish.

  1. Mayonnaise

If you are one of those who loves your own homemade mayonnaise, it’s an excellent idea to add a little bit of infused extra virgin oil to get a completely surprising result. Use half of the normal olive oil and the other half of infused extra virgin oil of the flavor you want to obtain. Take a curry or basil flavored olive oil to get a unique and delicious mayonnaise.

  1. Citrus Touches

Olive oil is a fantastic product for our well-being and health. When you combine it with citrus fruits, you will get to use unbeatable olive oil. The uses of citrus oils in the kitchen are different.

You can use the lemon olive oil in seafood, fish and white meats whereas the orange flavored olive oil in salads, rice dishes, and chocolate.

  1. Flavored touch

Make uniquely flavored extra virgin olive oil to use in salad dressings for a flavored boost like chili, lemon zest or garlic flavored extra virgin olive oils. These make amazing gourmet dishes for foodie friends.


Bottom Line –

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