Cherry Balsamic Vinegar – A Unique Treasure For Any Cook

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Balsamic vinegar has turned out to be popular for oil and vinegar recipes as well as an exquisite gourmet condiment. Italy supplies the most recognized balsamic vinegar production, which involves centuries of history & tradition. Today aged balsamic vinegar is an excellent choice of gourmet taste for a gift of any holiday or occasion. Balsamic vinegar is often sought as an ingredient for vinaigrette dressing & remains a useful and potent ingredient in innumerable dishes from strawberries to fish, salads to ice cream.

Balsamic vinegar originates from Italy and boosts the flavors of many dishes. However, what you find in supermarkets is quite different from traditional balsamic vinegar produced in Italy. Don’t be confused and think they are the same.  Firstly, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar can legally only be produced in areas authorized by the Italian government. There’re only 2 such regions in Italy, and Modena is one of them.

Unlike other vinegars, balsamic improves with age and like wine, it is aged in barrels, such as acacia, ash, cherry, chestnut, juniper, mulberry, oak and walnut.

The process of making the balsamic vinegar begins with gently crushing wine grapes & concentrating their juice over an open flame. This is then fermented two times to create the smooth and subtle sour taste. The liquid is then transferred into wooden barrels which is where the vinegar is actually made. As the volume evaporates & decreases, the maturing liquor is then moved to smaller barrels, where each barrel has its own special mixture of aromatic flavoring woods.

The art of balsmeic vinegar:

While balsmeic vinegar was used in olden times for medicinal purposes, today its consumption is associated far more tightly to quality cooking & to the enrichment of highly prestigious dishes. Traditional balsamic vinegar can be employed neat to dress salads, to accompany antipasti dishes or it can be used in cooking to liven up mayonnaise, sauces and pastes. It really complements red meats, game or white meats. However, it should only be added to cooked food at the end of cooking, or else it loses its significant aroma. True foodies can actually recognize the individual characteristics of traditional balsamic, according to the ageing process & the type of wood in which it has been kept in over the years.

Balsamic vinegar makes an ideal gift perfect for birthdays, housewarming gifts, Christmas gifts and those moments when you just want someone to know that you care. To buy authentic Cherry Balsamic Vinegar online look no further than Sonoma Farm. Its sweet & tangy taste is ideal for desserts such as cheesecake, chocolate cake, brownies, and ice cream. You can also use it for roasts, chicken, grilled salmon and meatballs. Order now to taste the difference!

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