How To Infuse Balsamic Vinegar Into Your Everyday Cooking? 5 Ways

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If the only time you think about pulling that balsamic jar out of your cupboard is when you make salads, you are missing out something special. This sweet & sour vinegar is certainly one of my secret ingredients, and to be honest I have discovered all types of ways to perk up my daily cooking while adding this secret ingredient. Here is how:

Almond Balsamic VinegarTo flavor up sauces and soups: Balsamic & ripe tomatoes possess an established affinity for each other. From that plain summer salad, it isn’t too difficult to make the jump to tomato based sauces and soups. I used to infuse a splash of balsamic vinegar to these dishes at the end of my cooking to bring out the best flavor.

In Braised Dishes: While balsamic infused at the end of your cooking incorporates a dab of brightness, braising even a small amount of balsamic vinegar offers the entire dish a rich, deep and slightly sweet flavor.

Reduced to a Syrup: I like reduce balsamic sweetener splashed on top of a cup of vanilla ice-cream, particularly if it consists of strawberries. If you’ve aged or old balsamic, then reducing it’s often not essential. Nonetheless, if you are working with a standard balsamic, take a cup of it in a saucepan with some sugar. A bark of cinnamon will be nice. Let it reduce until it becomes syrup, and then make it chill before applying.


To Marinate Tofu & Meat: With some chopped shallots & a small volume of mustard, balsamic is surely one of my preferred vinegar to employ for marinating. It is superb with steak & other red meats. But I often employ it for tofu & large portabella mushroom.


In Cocktails & Soda: Vinegar based shrubs are the favorite of many for different reasons. Considering its sweet property, balsamic Vinegar has a pretty identical flavor profile & I have employed it in much the same manner. You can add balsamic in your soda water to serve your guests a very tasty cold drink. As far as cocktails are concerned, I love balsamic blended with liquors such as rye and bourbon for a unique flavor.


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