Infused Olive Oil Ideas That Will Turn Any Dish Magical

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Infused olive oil is the backbone of every Mediterranean diet. The Italians and Greeks legit drink olive oil as if it were water. It can be the key to why they are so healthy. Flavor and health strike mind, when one looks for some of the best infused olive oil recipes.

However, the most asked question is – If olive oils are fat, how can they be good for health? To answer, you must know that olive oils are almost entirely made up of MUFAs (monounsaturated fatty acids), which are the most healthy kind of fat. Monounsaturated fatty acids are the agents that lower low-density lipoproteins/the bad cholesterol and lower total cholesterol in the body.

Getting creative with plain olive oil can be a challenge, so making infused olive oil is a good idea. It is easy, cost-effective, and not time-consuming. Neutral flavored olive oil and some of your favorite ingredients that can add new magical flavors to your cooking with the below mentioned olive oil recipes.

Chili Olive Oil: Chili olive oil can add a ton of color and flavor to your dishes. The finer the chili peppers are crushed, the brighter and more intense the oil color will be. This chili infused olive oil can be used in loads of Italian as well as Asian dishes.

Basil Olive Oil: Using fresh herbs can add flavors to your dishes. Basil infused olive oils can go a long way. This is perfect for fish, salads, eggs, and even crusty toasted bread.

Rosemary Olive Oil: Perfectly pair this infused olive oil with chicken and roasted potatoes and your dish will be the star of the show. It can also be great on popcorn, or even as a gift for your friends and family.

Lemon Infused Olive Oil: This olive oil is considered to be the best for certain dressings. A lemon vinaigrette can enhance any kind of salads, and they are just the perfect recipe one needs in the summer.

Truffle Olive Oil: A truffle is a type of mushroom that is predominantly used in gourmet French cuisines, so it is very unlikely that you will be whipping some of the truffle olive oil at home. However, if you do manage to find truffles, they will change the way you cook.

Blood Orange-Infused Olive Oil: Blood orange bright citrus flavor pulls out a distinct flavor in the infused olive oil. The oil is perfect for baking brownies and blood orange olive oil cakes.

Jalapeno-Infused Olive Oil:If you incline spicy food, the jalapeno infused olive oil is just what you need. You can use this infused olive oil in spicy dishes like roasted vegetables, soup, and even bread.


Using infused olive oil in your recipes is much healthier than using any other form of oil, and imparts more flavor into your dish as well.

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