Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil -The Best Olive Oil For Your Kitchen

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Olives have been a valuable crop in the Mediterranean for millennia, particularly valued as the source of the many varieties of olive oil, such as extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil, refined olive oil and more. But what’s the difference between those oils, and which is best? Well, extra virgin olive oil is cold pressed from the whole olive and is the purest and least processed form of olive oil, which allows it to retain much more of its nutritional value. It also has the lowest acidity, at less than 0.8%. Extra virgin olive oil has a distinctive taste and color from other olive oil varieties, and it also brings an array of unique health benefits not found in more processed oils. It’s been used for centuries for salad dressings and as a cooking oil.

Which Olive Oil is Best for Cooking?

When choosing a cooking oil, it’s important to remember that any pesticides or chemicals that remain in the oil can potentially be transferred into your food. That’s why it’s always best to use a quality organic olive oil to ensure you avoid these unhealthy and unwanted. And the best source for a quality organic olive oil is Sonoma Farm. We offer an organic extra virgin olive oil that has been minimally processed to ensure you’re getting the purest olive oil and the best flavor and aroma.

One of the marks of high-quality olive oil is that the ingredients should originate in the same country, if not the same region. For instance, some cheaper brands may note that their oils are made from olives from “the EU or Italy,” but in fact only about a third of the olives may be sourced in Europe, with the remainder coming from more outlying countries. While these oils are generally much less expensive, their taste and quality cannot compare to an oil made with single-sourced olives. Each region’s olives have their own distinctive flavor, so the best, purest tasting olive oil is that made with olives from a single location.

How To Cook with Olive Oil?

Olive oil adds a unique flavor to most recipes and olive oil used in cooking is known to help achieve a feeling of “fullness” that discourages overindulgence. It enhances both sweet and savory dishes, is a great source of healthy fats, and provides many health benefits besides, making it a great choice for people aiming for a healthier diet. However, if you’re going to cook with olive oil, you must remember that is should not be heated beyond its smoke point, about 374–405°F. At this temperature, the health and nutritional benefits of olive oil begin to break down. However, this temperature is relatively high compared to many other oils, allowing olive oil to be used in your kitchen in a variety of ways while still maximizing its flavor and health benefits!

  • Avoid overheating the oil
  • Olive oil is a create pairing with acidic foods
  • Replace butter with olive oil for healthier eating
  • It can also replace butter in baking
  • Use it as an ingredient of dips, sauces, and marinades
  • Olive oil is a natural preservative and a great way to store fresh vegetables or other foods

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