Dark And Rich, Elegantly Sweet And Smooth Kosher Balsamic For Your Palate

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Is it the only time you think about pulling olive oil or infused olive oil bottles out of your cupboard when you make food? You are missing out on something special which is kosher balsamic. This sweet & sour vinegar is certainly one of the secret ingredients for many. Adding this secret ingredient ensures you discover some unique taste in your food.

Vinegar is one of nature’s most remarkable and versatile products. When vinegar or distilled vinegar is listed as an ingredient or by itself, they are considered to be kosher too. Balsamic vinegar and red or white wine vinegar all need kosher certification. Unlike other vinegar, it has a dark syrupy consistency with a rich complexity. It also has a perfect balance of sweet and tart. A good balsamic vinegar can enhance the taste of salads, cheese, desserts, and meat.

There are two kinds of balsamic vinegar. All kosher balsamic vinegar currently on the market is IGP, which is about 80% wine vinegar, plus 20% grape must, caramel color, gums, and aged for about two months. The product can be made anywhere. As long as it is bottled in Modena, the quality varies. It is commonly used in salad dressings and reduced to a glaze, and it is generally regarded as a better product than the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. It is sold in small bottles at upscale shops.

Pressed Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes are used to make traditional balsamic vinegar. IGP balsamic vinegar, contains cheaper wine vinegar and caramel coloring. But kosher balsamic vinegar does not contain any additional ingredients. Apart from that, the thick syrup is matured in a succession of increasingly smaller barrels constructed from oak, mulberry, ash, juniper, and chestnut wood. It will give the vinegar a flavor just as it has been given to aged wine. The end product is a thick, glossy, deep dark syrup that has a nuanced flavor that perfectly balances sour and sweet. It is used as a seasoning on meat, cheese, and fruits sparingly.

All genuine balsamic vinegar has never been a kosher-certified product! Thus, kosher gourmets searching for it have been out of luck. An association of manufacturers oversees the regulation of traditional balsamic vinegar. Its sole ingredient is 100% grape must, and it must be matured in oak barrels for a minimum of 12 years, in contrast to IGP balsamic produced in factories. The must naturally thickens and evaporates during the aging process, at which point it is transferred to increasingly smaller barrels. We do it in small batches while following the traditional artisan method.

All our 12-year-old traditional balsamic vinegar PDO is available with kosher certification under the International Kosher Council (IKC) and is the first PDO vinegar to be kosher approved. We also have products that are aged longer, such as 18, 25, or even more years! But these are not certified kosher. The kosher certification was approved for products that started production within the last 15 years. So our 18- and 25-year-aged vinegars will get the approval and certification. It does not include gums, caramel coloring, or chemicals. They taste like grapes. This type of vinegar is less thick, sweet, and complex than the traditional ones, but still has a rich flavor and aroma. It is perfect for raw meat, fish, beef, risotto, pasta, ice cream, and eggs.

Some brands may not be reliable or authentic and may contain non-kosher or harmful substances. The kosher balsamic vinegar we supply has the same quality and certification as the traditional ones. This type of vinegar is less thick, sweet, and complex than its traditional counterparts! It still has a rich flavor and aroma. This type of vinegar is ideal for dishes that require a subtle and delicate taste, such as salads, fish, or chicken. Do you want to get the best result? It is advisable to store the vinegar in a darker yet cold place. A little bit is enough to enjoy its flavor!

We are an artisan gourmet food maker. To guarantee quality, we create every one of our goods in small amounts. All of our products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure quality.