Understanding Carolina Reaper Salsa

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Before going into detail about Carolina Reaper Salsa, you should understand about Carolina Reaper first.

Carolina Reaper Pepper

Carolina Reaper Pepper is setting records day after day. It has been known as the world’s hottest pepper since 2014. Please note that this pepper is not for the faint of heart.

Overall Look and Taste

The Carolina Reaper is orb-like and bright red pepper. Generally, it’s wrinkled and comes to a point at the end – which is known as “wasp’s stinger.” This pepper is more than 400 times hotter than the Jalapeno pepper.

Availability and Origin

The suitably named pepper can found growing throughout South Carolina. They are available in the mid-summer and the fall.

Ways to Enjoy Hottest Pepper

Do you love the flavor? Buy the Carolina Reaper Salsa from Sonoma Farm. This pepper is also a perfect add-on for hot sauce.


These hottest peppers will last up to one week when they are wrapped in plastic and kept inside the fridge.

Trying Carolina Reaper Salsa on Mexican Dishes

Depending on the place where you live, you’re probably surrounded by burrito bars, taco trucks or torta restaurants. However, these tasty treats are very far from all that Mexican food has on offer. Even the most basic menu you will find at the Mexican restaurant is the delicious options you’ve never tried like Pozole and Tlayudas.

You can spice up your orders by mixing up the salsas and sauces. What about trying the scary hot Carolina Reaper Salsa? This way, you can give your taste buds a unique type of tingle.

Buying Carolina Pepper Salsa

Memorable dishes from childhood kitchens highly inspire this salsa. It is authentic and created to bring a variety of deliciously fresh ideas as well as flavors to your family table.

The salsa is the Spanish word for sauce. The salsa comprises of a tomato base which is usually seasoned with chilies like Carolina Reaper. This salsa is very hot and has still the unique flavor.

Using the hottest peppers around the world, Sonama Farm provides the best Carolina Reaper Salsa that is made with local produce in the small batches. On the Scoville Heat Scale, Carolina Reaper Pepper has an average Scoville Heat Unit – SHU rating of 1,500, 000 with some individual peppers top out at an amazing 2,200,000 SHU.

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