XXX Carolina Reaper Salsa 16oz/454g

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Small Batch Carolina Reaper Salsa

Our Carolina Reaper Salsa is made using local ingredients from small farms and in small batches, making this a truly artisan salsa. This is an all natural product and we never use artificial ingredients, preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.


  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Carolina Reaper Peppers
  • Red Pepper
  • Jalapeno Peppers
  • Water
  • Garlic
  • Cilantro
  • Salt

Salsa Carolina Reaper 16oz/454g


This salsa is XXX HOT. It still has flavor but using the worlds hottest peppers a little goes a long ways. This salsa is made with produce from local farms and in small batches. This salsa has great flavor and can be added to your eggs, sandwiches, veggies or used a dip for your chips.


This is the world’s hottest pepper!

On the Scoville Heat Scale, the Carolina Reaper pepper has an average Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) rating of 1,500,000 with some individual peppers topping out at an incredible 2,200,000 SHU.

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9 reviews for XXX Carolina Reaper Salsa 16oz/454g

  1. Brittany Scott

    The salsa was very well packaged! You can even smell the heat coming off the jar, thankyou!

  2. Gerri Salvatore

    This is theeeeeeeeeee hottest and awesome! Shipped perfectly and I’ve given it out as gifts. My friends show like it hot love it!

  3. Viki

    Quick shipping and the product was well protected for shipping. This is part of a Christmas present, so hopefully will be a hit.

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