Garlic Olive Oil Shrimp Scampi Pasta Recipe

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Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Garlic Olive Oil Shrimp Scampi Pasta Recipe


-2 Large Lemons, Zested & Squeezed
8 Tablespoons Sonoma Farm Garlic Infused Olive Oil
-1 Teaspoon Red Pepper Flakes
-Salt & Pepper
-1 Pound Medium Shrimp
-1/4 Onion, Peeled & Chopped
-1/2 Cup Dry White Wine
-3/4 Pound Long Pasta (Spaghetti, Linguine, Fettuccine)
-2 Tablespoons Butter
-1/3 Cup Chopped Fresh Parsley Leaves
To Serve:
Lemon Wedges


-Remove devein the shrimp, In a small casserole or bowl, add the shrimp, garlic olive oil, lemon zest and juice, pepper flakes, salt and pepper and mix.
-Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least one hour.
-In a small pot add the onion and wine and bring the mixture to a boil, then reduce to a simmer, and cook for about 15 minutes.
-Remove the shrimp from the marinade, and heat a frying pan to high heat.
-Cook the shrimp, turning once until pink in color and cooked through, about 3 to 4 minutes total cooking time, then set aside.
-In a small pot, add the shrimp stock and shrimp marinade, and cook over high heat until reduced by half.
-Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil, then cook the pasta until it is “al dente”.
-Drain the pasta, mix with the shrimp and reduced cooking liquid, butter, and parsley.
-Toss the pasta well and serve in individual bowls with lemon wedges.


Sonoma Farm

Nov 2010

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1 review for Garlic Olive Oil Shrimp Scampi Pasta Recipe

  1. robert

    I’ve tried plenty of Scampi recipes more complex than this, but none as good. This is the quintessence of minimalist Italian cooking

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