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Giardiniera Hot (Chicago Style) 16oz

(28 customer reviews)


All natural savory blends of hot peppers

Sonoma Farm giardiniera follows the same recipe that Chicago Italians have been making for 100 years. Giardiniera is unique to Chicago were it is made with olive oil or soybean oil vs. a vinegar base. Giardiniera is used as a condiment. Our giardiniera is made from all natural savory blends of hot peppers, cauliflower, celery, carrots and olives packed in oil. We source all of your produce from local farmers.

This is a Chicago favorite for topping Italian beef sandwiches, sausage, pasta, Italian sub sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, pizza, eggs, meatloaf, omelets, etc.

No trans fat, gluten free, Made in a plant that is peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free

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28 reviews for Giardiniera Hot (Chicago Style) 16oz

  1. SueG

    I’m born and raised in Chicago but have relocated in the past 7 years and desperately miss my Chicago comfort foods. I have not found “quality” hot giardiniera since I left home until now. So good

  2. JoeyT

    Wow is this stuff good! This is some of the best Giardiniera I have EVER had!

  3. Donna

    fantastic!!! fantastic!! fantastic!!!

  4. McCount


  5. Carol

    I tried giardinera for the first time last week…i swear im addicted now

  6. Jerry

    Fantastico! A must have staple in everybody’s refrigerator……..

  7. sonoma farm

    This is sooo delicious! Will definitely keep this as a staple in my fridge, as it goes with so many meats!

  8. Rodell

    I am from Chicago and this is a must-have!

  9. Oliver

    Very very good!

  10. Berto

    We love this, especially on a sandwich of lunch meats or a salad with a kick. This is the best. My family loves it, when I lived in Chicago we used this a lot. Thanks.

  11. Mathew

    Delicious spicy peppers! I would order these a hundred times over. Great price too!

  12. Romy

    Some of my favorite sandwich shops use these peppers. I was looking for them. Score.

  13. Dale

    Very good stuff, I would recommend it.

  14. Ivan

    Very Good!! It’s right up at the top with the best I’ve had.

  15. Corey

    A+ Great product, great taste

  16. Reggie

    Love it,

  17. Willem

    Has a great flavor to it, just little bit too much oil for my taste

  18. Dawn

    Great stuff. Comparable to the best brands available.

  19. Lukas

    Good taste and texture. I love the crunch!

  20. Vincent

    A Chicagoan living outside Chicago must have his Hot Giardiniera.

  21. Adam

    We love this stuff! And have reordered twice. And I need to place another order soon! It is soo good!

  22. Noah

    Nice flavor and heat.

  23. Sean

    Best oil giardiniera ever!

  24. Carla

    best ever,

  25. Richard

    The only place that I found in Florida that sold real Giardiniera was Sweetbay and they all closed down. Needed an alternative for my Italian sausage fix, and this is the stuff right hur. If you are from Illinois and need Giardiniera this is what you need.

  26. Wendy

    Really Good ! Will order again !

  27. Dave

    I love it. I’ve eaten it straight out the jar.

  28. terra

    High quality product and very tasty. I enjoy the hot variety on Chicago style beef sandwiches, but it can certainly be used in other dishes (pasta, salads etc).

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