Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Sonoma Farm extra virgin cold pressed olive oil and the flavor of fresh lemons all in one. An unbelievable flavor combination a cook’s dream come true! Cook or dress any poultry or fish; also makes great dressing for veggies and salads.

Kosher, All natural, no trans fat, gluten free, Made in a plant that is peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free

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No Artificial Flavors, No Additives, No Pesticides

Kosher, All natural, no trans fat, gluten free, peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free, Union Made.

We pride ourselves in the superior quality of our gourmet products and guarantee only the freshest and most flavorful ingredients are used.

30 reviews for Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  1. James

    I was amazed at the quick shipping. I tried the taste test. It does taste good right from the shot class. I’m going to cook some Garlic, Basil and try it once I have some decent bread worthy to dip.

  2. Howard

    This is of the highest quality olive oil I have ever had. To make matters better, this is from a family owned business who cares about their product and customers. Get some and enjoy!!!

  3. Kevin

    This is one of my favorite olive oils I keep in my lineup. It has a nice punch of flavor instead of just lying there flat like so many oils do. I use it mostly for meat and fish, I use lesser EVOO for mixing with red wine vinegar for salads because I don’t like messing up the great flavor of this oil with other ingredients. Sonoma Farm olive oil is a real culinary treat.

  4. Miles

    Absolutely delicious! I purchased this lemon olive oil to replace a very expensive one I purchase at a art and wine festival since it was least than half the cost. Since it was so much cheaper, I expected the flavor to be not as vibrant. In fact, the flavor was better! We serve it pomegranate balsamic for dipping home made bread. It was so incredibly delicious that our dinner guests all asked to see the bottle. I highly recommend this lemon oil!!!

  5. Tina

    I don’t mind paying extra for a high quality fresh olive oil. I love this olive oil which I would rate on the mild side, and I use it for salads (I used the less expensive extra virgin Costco olive oil for cooking, and it is very good). This is a reputable relatively small family business and the kind I love to support.

  6. Michael

    By far the best EVOO we have ever tasted. Even enjoyable to take by the spoonful if you’re using it for medicinal reasons. We have been pouring & dipping since it arrived. I believe we have had it 4 days, now & the bottle is almost empty! Can’t keep our paws off of it. Going to start gifting it to friends/family.

  7. Jane

    Since I recently started cooking Hello Fresh meals, I’ve gone through quite a bit of olive oil and have had the opportunity to try numerous types. I have happily settled on the Sonoma Farm lemon-flavored version and couldn’t be happier. It tastes great just for dipping with fresh bread and balsamic, and has been an integral part of some very tasty dinner.

  8. Mountain girl

    This now sits on my counter in an olive oil dispenser instead of the plain olive oil. My husband puts it on salads, quiche, sandwiches and more. I cook with it because it adds a special touch to so many things.

  9. Ladyslipper

    Love ???? Lemon Oil
    Have made a lemon pound cake and lemon cookies. Everyone raves about the flavor!

  10. Jessie

    We use ALOT of olive oil in our home. From cooking to baking it is used every single day. I don’t even want to use this olive oil at all for cooking or baking anymore it is THAT GOOD!! So we will use super market olive oil for greasing a pan, etc but this for EATING! I’m taking a tablespoon of it every single day to help with diet/health. It’s that good! It’s awesome on foods (drizzled), salads, dressings, etc. I cannot recommend this enough! buy it and you will be hooked.

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