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Salsa Rum Mango Habanero (Hot) 16oz/443ml

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Salsa Rum Mango Habanero

Rum mango has the sweet flavor from the mango and the heat from habanero. We us a dark rum to the sale a  unique flavor. The salsa is made by hand chopping and cutting all the locally grown vegetables. Them mixed together and cooked to give it to give it a sweet hot flavor.

Use with chips, pork chops, etc.

All natural, no trans fat, gluten free, Made in a plant that is peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free

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3 reviews for Salsa Rum Mango Habanero (Hot) 16oz/443ml

  1. sonoma farm

    Review test

  2. John

    This was one of my favorites! Can’t wait to have it again 🙂

  3. Leslie L Mack

    One of the best salsa’s I’ve ever had. It just finishes with the right amount of heat, not overpowering. Nice sweet taste to go along with the heat.

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