Giardiniera Hot (Chicago Style) 1 Gallon Bulk 3,785g/128oz – Food Service-

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Bulk Giardiniera

Giardiniera Hot (Chicago Style) 1 Gallon Bulk 3,785g/128oz – Food Service-


This bulk 1 gallon giardiniera is great for food service, wholesale, Restaurants, in its easy to use plastic jug. Used daily in Italian beef and hot dog stands though out the Chicago land area.

Sonoma Farm giardiniera follows the same recipe that Chicago Italians have been making for 100 years. Giardiniera is unique to Chicago were it is made with soybean oil vs. a vinegar base. Giardiniera is used as a condiment. Our giardiniera is made from all natural savory blends of hot peppers, cauliflower, celery, carrots and olives packed in oil. We source all of your produce from local farmers.

This is a Chicago favorite for topping Italian beef sandwiches, sausage, pasta, Italian sub sandwiches, meatball sandwiches, pizza, eggs, meatloaf, omelets, etc.


All natural, no trans fat, gluten free, Made in a plant that is peanut free, tree nut free, seafood/ fish free

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47 reviews for Giardiniera Hot (Chicago Style) 1 Gallon Bulk 3,785g/128oz – Food Service-

  1. Joe (store manager)

    The best Giardinera hands down

  2. gina pedraza (store manager)


  3. Candis (store manager)

    This stuff is amazingly good. My husband is from Chicago, born and raised and we now live on the central coast in Calif.

  4. Bruce (store manager)

    This is delicious and so crispy!

  5. Allen (store manager)

    I love Giardiniera – can’t keep enough of it in the fridge.

  6. Alex (store manager)

    This is a great mixture, Overall it is great and a common condiment in my refriderator.

  7. Pat (store manager)

    it was great..being from chicago now living in las vegas i made people visiting bring me some from chicago…but now I just order on line

  8. Annie (store manager)

    Wonderful condiment to any dish

  9. Chu (store manager)

    Two words: AWE. SOME!!!!!

  10. Don (store manager)

    Having relocated to Vermont after being born and raised in Chicago, Chicago style giardiniera has become a wicked craving for me

  11. Paul (store manager)

    What can I say? I’m a Chicago guy and I love this!

  12. Linda (store manager)

    If there were more stars to give i’d give them.

  13. RandyF (store manager)

    Honestly it is good on its own, but I do not care for all the oil. However on top of his Italian beef sandwich it was the perfect topper, loved it on that. :

  14. brad (store manager)

    Perfect ! ( From a former Chicago resident . Doesn’t get any better or fresher than this.

  15. Sam1 (store manager)

    Absoultely perfect. This is better than the Giardiniera I buy at the Italian deli near by

  16. Candy1 (store manager)

    I loved this, they should have had this at ” Jonnies Beef ” I’m going to bring a jar with me and try it on Juciy Beef with Sweet peppers, I’ll let you know how it turns out…….stay tuned

  17. Grorge (store manager)


  18. RetiredAZ (store manager)

    Chicago native living in AZ….I now have a place to get my fix

  19. Cathy (store manager)

    As ex-Chicagoans, my husband and I craved Italian Beef and Giardiniera! This is the best

  20. Gary (store manager)

    I’m in love! Being from Chicago,we have had many many brands of giardiniera, but this one is fantastic! Most of the time, the hot is so hot you cannot enjoy it. This one is perfect. I was afraid to order such a big bottle, but we had it gone in 3 weeks. Great product!

  21. Pamela (store manager)

    We first tried the Hot Giardiniera at my Sister in Laws house last week. Oh my we fell in love with the taste of these peppers. I can’t explain the taste but it is amazing. Hot and a little tangy just the right blend of everything. I purchased the big 128oz container and we are in heaven.

  22. Sammy (store manager)

    This was huge and great! We (husband wife) got this and ate about 1/2 the container in a couple weeks. Then…. the bottom half was a little harder to finish up. lol. We thought it was good for our need for a good Chicago Giardiniera binge.

  23. Bruno (store manager)

    I first tried this product at an international food show in miami. Now, I am addicted to it. I put it in omelets, on sandwiches, in tuna fish. It adds a little flavor and zing. My friends love it, too. They take small jars of it when they visit

  24. Charles (store manager)

    Excellent giardiniera, can’t believe how difficult it is to find this stuff outside of Chicago-land, so now we always order it. I have my other preferred brand and had not tried this one prior, but dollar per serving this was the best offering by far so thought we’d give it a shot, and was not disappointed, would be happy to order again!

  25. Peter (store manager)

    OMG! Delicious on Pizza, sandwiches and anything else that requires a little spice! This 128 oz size has the most value!

  26. Jake (store manager)

    It’s a little salty and too sourly, every piece is crunchy. The hot pepper is great not too hot and considerable mild. I think the whole experience is okay

  27. Erik (store manager)

    This Giardiniera is just as good as I get when I go to Chicago. Just enough “heat” and the mixture of vegetables and peppers are right on. I will be buying this again because I put this stuff in almost everything I eat.

  28. Ruth (store manager)

    True giardiniera at a decent price.

  29. Stain (store manager)

    This is the real Giardiniera. Excellent Quality, excellent flavor, great price. I will buy again.

  30. Frank (store manager)

    excellent product

  31. Louis (store manager)

    It’s excellent. Now if I could only find some decent bread where I live, I could make the ultimate Italian beef sandwich mmmmmmm

  32. Gerald (store manager)

    Good Giardiniera is hard to find in CO. We love this stuff and put it on everything from sandwiches to pizza.

  33. Arne (store manager)

    Great stuff, order it all the time.

  34. Bruce (store manager)


  35. Marci (store manager)

    I love this product! It is delicious on everything from pizza to pasta…just use your imagination! I enjoy both the mild and hot version.

  36. Steven (store manager)

    Tastes great! Just like Chicago!

  37. Jon (store manager)

    Obsessed with it! Just enough spiciness and crunch. Use it on sandwiches, salads, cut up avocados. It really goes well with anything!

  38. Nike (store manager)

    Best Chicago giardiniera I’ve tasted and I grew up in Chicago and tried them all. I buy it 2 gallons at a time.

  39. Jason T (store manager)

    great favor

  40. margaret (store manager)

    Every bit as good as the Pot Belly brand. Couldn’t stop eating bowl after bowl. Gone in three weeks mostly by my husband. LOL. We bought the 1 gallon hot giardiniera (non-olive oil). It was everything he was looking for. It arrived within 2 weeks and the packaging was excellent. We are ordering again as I write this!!

  41. MaxPowerLiG

    Wow sooo good

  42. SANDRA NANCE (verified owner)


  43. Carolyn Duncan (store manager)

    Perfect. This was a gift and my kids were so happy! I visited a short time later and was happy to see it was 3/4 gone! They made me French Dip Sandwiches with this Gardineria and it was heaven! The gallon was gone by the time I left, a week later. Love in a jar!

  44. John (store manager)

    Nice flavor & heat, some of the nicest giardiniera I’ve had… Thank you!

  45. DennisFlelm

    Thumbs up the best

  46. Ruben

    It’s crunchy, it’s hot, it’s real Chicago-style Giardinera!

    Excellent product!

    I didn’t know the brand, so initially I was worry it might be soft and mushy because it contains olives, and in my experience all giardineras with olives are that way. But not the Sonoma – Amazing!

    Having moved away from Chicago recently, I discovered that you can’t buy the oily chicago-style giardinera anywhere else in the country (it’s water-based elsewhere). And I missed it – a lot. To the point that I’ve filled my trunk with various brands of Giardinera on trips to the windy city. But now – thanks to Sonoma Farm – I’ll be able to simply buy it online.

  47. Yuan (store manager)

    BTW, the Giardiniera Hot (Chicago Style) is super delicious. 🙂

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